Tital Medical Inc.

Just came across this Single incision robotic platform the other day. I think the biggest factor for the success of robotic surgery will be competition to improve the function and utility of these systems while driving down the costs. So I watched the video found:


I think it looks like a good SILS platform, but they failed to demonstrate a solution to my main problem with the DaVinci system. In laparoscoyc or single incision laparoscopy you can aim your instruments with little effort in various quadrants of the abdomen. For example in rectal surgery you can work in the pelvis, and then mobilize the left colon, and even takedown the splenic flexure with minor adjustments. With the DaVinci system it takes a major repositioning of the operating platform. I was hoping that SILS systems would solve this problem and allow freedom of working throughout the abdomen. Maybe the Titan medical “SPORT” can they just didn’t demonstrate it in this 5 minute video.

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