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Bowel Function… the sixth vital sign – Post Operative Ileus

Fighting Post Operative Ileus

Whether or not you believe pain is the fifth vital sign, a new objective measurement of “intestinal rate is being tested out called “Abstat”. The device is essentially an electronic stethoscope that is placed on the patients lower abdomen. The sound is then analyzed by a computer to detect bowel function and more specifically to identify the lack of intestinal function in conditions such as Post Operative Ileus(POI).

I can see this being most useful to avoid the immediate re-admission of the post-surgical patient who begins to manifest his ileus on the car ride home. ┬áPost operative ileus is the enemy of ERAS(Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) protocols, and I don’t believe it will be two long before this integrated into these programs. Objective measurements of bowel function will go a long way in helping us figure out how to prevent and maybe even solve many of our post operative ileus problems.

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