SICKO surgical training

SICKO is a surgery related educational game designed to aid learners in applying didactic learning to clinical situations. I found the game to be both entertaining and educational. It broke free from the boredom of standard case presentation interactive software by having you manage multiple patients under time constraints, and giving you feedback as you correctly manage the patient rather than waiting till the simulation is over. The patients are represented by cards, and give you an idea of how they are doing by dropping to the bottom of the screen.

Screen shot from SICKO surgical simulator

I did notice that I kept getting docked points for putting NG tubes in patients, I guess I was trained to aggressively put NG tubes in early on patients with vomitting or obstructive patterns on imaging.

While playing around with the software I was chatting online and let a patient sit too long who I ultimately diagnosed with appendicitis. Apparently as a result of my delay the patient perforated and developed an abscess there in the ER. I lost points for that.

After you make a decision to operate, you have to know enough of the diagnosis to pick out an operation to perform. You then answer multiple choice questions about different problems that you could encounter with intra-operatively and post-operatively.

Screen Shot from Sicko Surgical Simulator

Overall I thought the simulator was one of the better ones I have tried. I think that it would be a great tool for medical students and lower level residents and maybe even higher level residents working with more diagnosis.

Try it out for yourself

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