8K Ultra High Def Laparoscopy or Thoracoscopy

Ultra High Def Laparoscopy

How many pixels do we need to safely perform surgery? The standard definition televions used when laparoscopy first became standard had a resolution of about 640×480 and were viewed on CRT monitors. More recently we have seen high definition laparoscopy systems of 1920×1080 despite some of them using model numbers like 1288 that made me think they were higher than 1080p camera’s until I recently looked it up.

I recently read a few news articles about the testing of an 8K Ultra High Def Laparoscope. It was tested on animal and a cholecystectomy was actually performed. While the researchers interviewed in these articles rant and rave about the level of detail they could now see with this technology I doubt this detail influenced how the procedure was performed or any clinical impact. So what is the advantage of having such high resolution to laparoscopy:

          Digital Zoom. An 8K camera has the resolution of 16 1080p(1920×1080 cameras). This may allow the camera to better stay out of the way of the instruments.
          Digital Zoom w/ Pan capabilities. You may be able to require less of your camera driver if the surgeon has the ability to digital zoom and pan the camera to view the working field. This will require a wider angle lens and much better lighting system through the camera but could definately save the surgeon some frustration.
          3d 4k laparoscopy. While 8k is obviously too much, our next step would be to 4k, and if we can do 8k resolutions, then 4k 3d is within the realm of our possibility.
          Some interesting facts about resolutions of Laparoscopy:

Original davinci robot is 1280×720, the HD version is 1920×1080.
A single 8k Image is the equivalent of a 33 megapixel camera image.
If the detail you can see with images of resolution are compared to the 20/20 optometrist model. 1920×1080 is the equivalent of 20/20.4 whereas 8k is 20/4.68

One thought on “8K Ultra High Def Laparoscopy or Thoracoscopy

  1. dr dinesh

    All currant 3d system have crosstalk ….in the image. I personally feel 4k 3d may give great image but cross talk is one ofthe draw back …we still are happy to do our surgery with 1080p


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